Benefits of Sunless Tanning

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Everybody wants to have the sexy glow of a perfectly done tan, but not everyone has the time or desire to spend that much time in the sun. That’s why, for many people, sunless tanning is a fantastic option. In today’s blog here at Beach House Tanning in Manchester, we are going to talk about five major benefits you can see from sunless tanning! For more information on sunless tanning, or to explore other tanning options, contact our tanning salon Beach House Tanning in Manchester today! We have a spray tan booth, airbrush tanning, sunbed tanning, and more! 

Safer For Your Skin

With sunless tanning, there is significantly less risk involved. When you get a sunless tan at a tanning salon, you are not spending hours on end exposing yourself to harmful UV rays from the sun. You are safely indoors protecting your skin. We aren’t saying that spending time in the sun is bad, but if you spend extended periods in the sun without the proper protection, you run the risk of sunburn and in extreme cases even skin cancers.

For those who would rather not risk spending hours in the sun unprotected trying to get the perfect tan but still want to have a sheek tan look, visit our tanning salon, Beach House Tanning in Manchester today! We have multiple safe tanning alternatives to help you look and feel your best, such as airbrush tanning, sunbed tanning, and more.

Get Tan Faster

When you tan in the sun, it can take hours upon hours to get the tan you are looking for. Even then, after all your efforts, you may end up burned, not tan enough, or tanner than you were looking for. With sunless tanning options you can get from a tanning salon, you get the perfect shade in a matter of minutes — not hours. Save yourself some time and effort with a sunless tan from a tanning salon. It’s much better than spending hours trying to perfect your tan in the hot summer sun, to only be burnt or a different shade than you were hoping for. 

Even Tan

We’re all guilty of it. Sometimes we fall asleep while tanning or forget how long we have been lying on one side. Or, perhaps there is a book or some other object blocking a portion of your body from the sun. Whatever the case, it can be incredibly difficult to get a natural, perfectly even tan — unless of course, you choose to visit a tanning salon for sunless tanning options. Then, you have complete control over every aspect of your tan and can get a perfect, even look every time.

Looking for a great place in or near Manchester for sunless tanning? Contact us at Beach House Tanning today! We have multiple locations in Manchester, Enfield, and Agawam!

Custom Color

With sunless tanning you get at the tanning salon, you can get the exact color you had in mind — every time. No need to calculate and fine-tune your tanning routine to flip, turn, and stay out at certain intervals. It’s unbelievably easy and the entire process can be done in a matter of minutes. Whether you want to go for a natural, modest tan, or a full-blown I-spend-all-day-in-the-sun tan, Beach House Tanning has you covered. Stop by our tanning salon today to learn more!

Year-Round Tanning

No sun? No problem. Even the most die-hard tanners have a tough time tanning in winter months in certain areas. Even in warmer climates, there can be cloudy days, rainy days, or other obstacles that get in the way of your getting the perfect bronze glow to become an olive goddess. But, with sunless tanning, you can get the perfect tan, much faster, rain or shine. Who wouldn’t want that?

Beach House Tanning

Here at Beach House Tanning, we have been in the tanning business for quite some time. We offer a variety of sunless tanning options like time in the tanning bed, beauty products, airbrush spray tan, and more. So whatever look you are going for, let our team at Beach House Tanning help you feel confident and look great. Check us out at any of our three locations in Manchester, Enfield, or Agawam!