Upgrade to a New Level


Are you tanning at the same level over and over again?

Upgrade to a new level and feel like a new person! I hate getting stuck in a rut; doing the same thing over and over again. The best way I found to change this up with my tanning is by upgrading to a new level from time to time. Upgrading has never been more affordable for our ClubTan+ members this month at Beach House Tanning in Manchester and Enfield!

In case you’re not familiar with ClubTan+, it is just like a Netflix or fitness club membership. You can set up your tanning membership on our easy, automatic payment plan with a check, credit card, or debit card in any Beach House Tanning salon. The levels are Gold Level 2, Platinum Level 3, Diamond Level 4, and Sunless.

This month our members can purchase $50 in tanning bed upgrades and receive $25 FREE.
purchase $100 in tanning bed upgrades and receive $100 FREE — where else can you get that kind of deal?

Last but not least, members can purchase $50 in Sunless upgrades and receive $25 FREE — which is perfect for those that love to Double-Dip!

If you’re a Sunless member, you can purchase $50 in Versa upgrades and receive $50 FREE!

I love upgrading to dark with additional passes and a hydration pass to help maintain my sunless tan.

These promotions are available now, so hurry in to your favorite Beach House Tanning salon today and upgrade your tan to the next level!

Happy Upgrading!