The Gold Level Sun bed — The perfect place to start.


Looking to build a great base tan or to even out those pesky pressure points on your back? Check out one of the most popular sun bed options, the Gold Level 2 Passion sun bed, which provides 2-3 times better tanning results than most equipment at the local gym.

The Faster Sun bed

Most of Beach House Tan’s Gold Level sun bed’s feature a lay down option with facial bronzers to get a radiant glow on your face. Designed in an oval shape, this sun bed helps to produce a more even glow when compared to other equipment out there. The 15 minute session will be just enough time to almost fall asleep providing you with tranquility and peace to relax your brain and invigorate your soul.

We recommend starting off with 5 or 6 minutes and to slowly build your tan time based on your individual needs. Speak with a tanning consultant on how to create a regime that works best for you.

One of my favorite upgrade’s is to use is our Platinum Level Essence Stand-Up optionWith session times ranging from 5-9 minutes, this is a great solution for evening out those tan lines we often get on the pressure points of our backs when in a lay-down style sun bed.

Most stand-up also feature handles to help elevate your arms during the tanning process. I love this because it requires a shorter session time, so I’m in and out in no time, and I am able to do my calf exercises while I am enjoying my tan time too!

While tanning in either option, my go-to product is the JWOWW Natural Black Bronzer! The natural bronzers help give me immediate color, allowing it to develop up to 70% faster.

I really like JWOWW’s brand of tanning products because of her attention to both skin care and tanning results. I know whenever I’m using or recommending her line of products, my clients are getting the best in color results, while receiving some of the most nourishing vitamins and nutrients for their skin.

We’ll see you soon at Beach House Tan in Manchester, Enfield or Agawam!

– Beach House Beauties

P.S. Be bright. Please tan responsibly.