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At Beach House Tan in Enfield, Manchester, and Agawam, spray tans are amongst one of the most popular services we offer. We offer two different spray tan booth options that offer different benefits so that you can get the perfect, custom tan you need. Your spray tan quickly becomes two to four shades darker and can last up to a week! Get a custom tan tailored perfectly to you, contact us at Beach House Tan today.


Norvell Auto Revolution

The Norvell Auto Revolution is a fantastic tanning booth and the closest you can get to an airbrush tan without actually shelling out for one. This spray tan booth uses advanced sensor technology to precisely measure your body and give you an even and beautiful tan. Not only does the Norvell Auto Revolution provide you with even a precise coverage, but it also offers consistently optimal color, prep treatments, and hydration treatments to help your tan last days longer.


Other benefits of the Norvell Auto Revolution sunless tanning booth include:


  • A highly advanced robotic arm that simulates a hand-held spray tan for precise application
  • An automated voice guidance system to help give you clear, unmistakable direction
  • A perfectly natural color — no orange tint or spray tan odors
  • A heated environment that helps to activate DHA, eliminate dry time, and keeps you warm and toasty while in the tanning booth
  • An advance in technology that allows you to shower in as little as one hour after your spray tan


Versa Pro

With the Versa Pro at Beach House Tan, you can rest easy knowing that you are going to get a flawless spray tan. The Versa Pro utilizes technology that gives you a perfect tan that you would normally expect from a hand-help spray tan but in the privacy of a tanning booth. This sunless tanning booth is also capable of graduating levels to help you get the exact color you are looking for. Not only does the Versa Pro have graduating color, though, it is also capable of prep and hydration treatments to help to extend the length of your spray tan! 


Other benefits of the Versa Pro heated sunless tanning booth include:


  • A three-nozzle spray bar for the ultimate coverage
  • An LED touch screen that displays helpful information about your spray tan selection and lets you preview your next step
  • A heated tanning booth and heated spray for a comfortable experience
  • An easy-to-use numbered foot tile system to help you stand in the optimal position
  • An automatic built-in dryer

To learn more about the Norvell Auto Revolution or the Versa Pro sunless tanning booths, contact our friendly staff at Beach House Tan in Enfiled, Manchester, or Agawam!



cocktail (1)


Ready to turn up your tan?

Get optimal results with cocktail tanning.

What? A combination of a sunless session followed immediately by a sun booth tan.

Why? Sun booth tanning following a sunless tan, dries the solution, activates the DHA and gives you a photo finish. This produces an even darker, deeper and longer-lasting tan.

Spray Tan Tips

Get the most out of your session!

There are some tips and tricks you can use to help get the most out of your spray tan. For the best color, safety, and spray tan duration, check out these great tips!

  • Avoid shaving 24 hours prior to your session
  • Before your session, shower and exfoliate thoroughly with a body scrub rather than bar soap
  • Be sure to thoroughly exfoliate areas with thicker skin like elbows and knees
  • If your skin is dry, use a gentle lotion at least two hours prior to your session
  • In an effort to ward off excess color build up around your nail beds and cuticles, apply petroleum jelly to those areas
  • Add moisturizer to your palms to create a thin barrier and give your spray tan a more natural appearance
  • Be sure to remove all makeup
  • Avoid perfumes and deodorant prior to your session
  • Always wear underwear to protect more sensitive areas
  • Use protective eyewear
  • Be sure to apply lip gloss and keep your mouth firmly shut during your spray tan while the nozzle is emitting spray to avoid getting spray in your mouth
  • Do not inhale through your nose, some choose to use nose plugs to help avoid inhaling the spray

For the best results post sunless tanning:


  • Wear darker colored clothing with a loose fit
  • Avoid wearing underwire bras
  • Wear open-toed footwear 
  • Avoid working out or excessive sweating if you can before your first shower
  • Do your best to prevent your skin from getting wet in any way (eg. rain, bathing children, etc.) for at least 12 hours
  • Don’t shower for at least 12 hours after your spray tan, ideally, wait 16 hours
  • When you do shower, avoid the use of loofas, towels, and sponges
  • We recommend using sunless shower gel
  • Be sure to moisturize with tanning extender multiple times a day to hydrate your skin and lengthen your tan

For more helpful sunless spray tanning tips, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff at Beach House Tan! And, when you’re ready, schedule your appointment in one of our industry-leading spray tan booths!


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