Why You Should Tan Before Your Vacation

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The weather is getting warmer and warmer every day, and you know that that means — beach season! Now is the time of year to start planning your spring break and summer getaways. One aspect of vacationing that we often get asked here at our tanning salon, Beach House Tan is, “Should I start working on my base tan now?” And our answer is, of course, a resounding YES! In today’s blog here at Beach House Tan in Enfield and Manchester, we talk about some of the reasons why we think you should hit up the tanning salon before you leave for your big beach trip. 

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Look Your Best

One of the reasons that we tell people to get their tan on before hitting the beach is so that you can look your best. When you are on vacation, you want to have fun in the sun without worrying about how you look. When you prepare for your vacation at our tanning salon, you can look your best. When you look your best it helps you feel your best too. It naturally follows that when you look good and feel good, you are going to have more fun on vacation. 

Pro Tip: If you plan on getting a spray tan before you go on vacation instead of using the tanning beds at our tanning salon, try to schedule your spray tan as close to your departure date as possible. Then, by the time you get to your vacation destination, you’ll already be glowing at your perfect shade! 

Avoid Sunburn

To be clear, having a base tan provides little to no protection against the sun when compared to traditional sunscreen. Always be sure to apply sunscreen even if you have a flawless base tan — which you will if you visit Beach House Tan beforehand. But, having a great base tan can help you avoid sunburn because there is no need to focus on getting attractive tan lines laying on the beach when you already have them. Instead, you can lounge in the cool shade of an umbrella or under the patio of your favorite covered on-resort bar. 

Other Things to Add With Your Base Tan

While already having a strong base tan from our tanning salon can provide minimal protection against the sun, there are some methods you can use in tandem with your base tan for the ultimate protection from the sun. According to the Mayo Clinic, the following methods can help to prevent sunburn and other skin conditions.

  • Avoiding unnecessary sun exposure from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the strongest
  • Covering your skin with UV-resistant clothing and sunglasses during peak times
  • Applying sunscreen before you head outside and reapplying every two hours or so

At Beach House Tan in Manchester, Enfield and now Agawam, we want to help you maximize your fun and get a beautiful tan. Part of having fun is helping people tan responsibly! If you are ready to hop in one of our tanning beds or spray tan booths, contact our tanning salon today to schedule your appointment.


Visiting your local tanning salon and getting a spray tan or sunbed tan before you go on vacation can help bring you the confidence you need to be your best self on the beach. Some people may feel a little insecure on the beach. Having a radiant glow from your tan can be just the boost you need to feel confident and maximize your beach-time fun. Plus, if you are still rocking your winter white shade, it can make you burn more quickly and severely.

Focus On Having Fun

There is no denying that tanning itself can be a good time. You get to lay down and relax, maybe even catch up with your friends and family members. But, when you are on vacation, there are tons of other fun activities that you can participate in that might make tanning on vacation feel a bit like a chore. Some people make it their goal to come back from vacation super tan. Imagine being super tan before you go on vacation, though. You can focus on squeezing in all the fun activities possible instead of carving out some time to work on your tan. 

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We hope that today’s blog has been information, fun to read, and helped hype you up for your next beach vacation. And don’t forget to swing by our tanning salon before you go to get the perfect tan before you even step foot on the beach. Reach out to our team at Beach House Tan to schedule your appointment and to learn more.