Laser Teeth Whitening Enfield

Get whiter teeth — fast!

Be more confident in your smile

In some cases, you can regularly brush twice a day every day like clockwork and still not achieve the whitening results you’re looking for. Whitening toothpaste, over the counter whitening products, and other whitening methods dentists use are time-consuming and can be very expensive. Laser teeth whitening is a quick and easy way to get impressive, healthy looking white teeth in a manner of minutes. Call our team at Beach House Tanning in Enfield today to learn more about laser teeth whitening and to set up your teeth whitening services!

Here at Beach House Tanning in Enfield, we believe in helping people discover their best, most confident smile. Here are a few reasons why you should choose laser teeth whitening services from us!:

Our laser teeth whitening only takes 15–20 minutes

We can help whiten your teeth by up to six shades

We offer instant results that you don’t have to put in months of work for

We have a friendly staff that is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible

We have accommodating hours and time-slots available for your convenience

No look is complete without a beautiful, pearly white smile! Find yours at Beach House Tanning in Enfield!

Laser Teeth Whitening Enfield


Fast Results

Unlike most other treatments that require weeks and months of strenuous routines to be followed and optimum care to be taken, the laser technique for whitening the teeth has super fast results. Per the Cleveland Clinic, a 15-20-minute session can show dramatic whitening results.

Effective Whitening of Teeth

Laser treatment for whitening of teeth is now regarded as more effective and worthy than other whitening treatments like OTC bleaching products or getting a treatment done by a dentist. Furthermore, it has more significant results than other treatments and leaves your teeth visibly whiter, sometimes more than 6 shades whiter.

This service is offered in our Enfield location.