To all Beach House Members and customers,

Our salons are temporarily closed in order to safeguard our members and employees and to do our part to contain the spread of Coronavirus in our communities. We have frozen all memberships & packages and we have NOT charged anyone for April or May. We were planning on reopening May 18th in Mass and the 20th in Connecticut but the governor’s have delayed reopening. The situation is fluid and nothing is in concrete. Mass keeps getting postponed and the latest is June 8th. We are scheduled to reopen in Connecticut on June 1st. Trust we are doing our best to clean and sanitize our salons. We are in the process of repainting and deep cleaning all surfaces so that when we do reopen we will be better than ever.

Here are some commonly asked questions.

Q: Will I get a credit for the days you were closed in March?
A: For the number of days you did not receive because your salon was closed in March, we will make sure that you will receive that many days at no cost to you once your salon reopens.

Q: If my salon in not open on April 1st, will I still be charged my monthly Membership cost?
A: No, regardless of whether your Membership is Active or Frozen, we will not charge any account for the month of April if we are not open by April 1st.

Q: If my Membership is Frozen, will I still be charged on April 1st if my salon is not open?
A: No, even if your Membership is Frozen, we will not charge the $5 cost for the month of April if we are not open by April 1st.

Q: What happens if my salon reopens on or before April 1st?
A: If your salon reopens on or before April 1st you will be charged your monthly Membership payment on April 1st as normal, and then we will apply a credit to your account for the number of days that your salon was closed in March. Just ask a team member to apply the $15 credit.

Q: I have a yearly Membership that I paid in full, will I get credit for the days that my salon was closed?
A: Yes! Your Membership is frozen in time so once we start our systems back up, your package will be extended by the number of months we have been closed.

Q: Do you know when my salon will reopen?
A: NO! We thought we had a concrete date in place, but the date’s have been postponed numerous times, so please be patient as we follow the direct orders of our state and local government. Right now, we think we will reopen June 1st in Connecticut and June 8th in Massachusetts. Please visit your salon’s Facebook page to stay updated.

Thank you for being a loyal client of Beach House Tan of Manchester, Enfield or Agawam. We are grateful that you are sticking with us during this difficult time and we are thankful for your patience as we take these necessary steps to care for both our valued clients and employees. Please be safe and we will see you soon.

Your friends at

Beach House Tan of Manchester, Enfield and Agawam