Looking for a “Tanning Salon Near Me” in Connecticut? Come visit us at Beach House Tanning Club!


Top-of-the-line Tanning Equipment

Whether you are in need of a “tanning salon near me” or a “spray tan near me,” you will be thrilled with the advanced technologies our equipment has to offer. Our sunbeds are available in both lay down or stand-up versions, and many of them include cooling fans, air conditioning, misting and evem aromatherapy options.

When it comes to spray tanning, we provide what we believe to be the best auto spray tanning available in a completely private room. Our VersaPRO Heated Sunless Spa will get you hand-applied results in the privacy of your own machine. Choose from three different full-body treatments, including a pre-treatment to balance your pH, a bronzing treatment for immediate color, or a post-treatment for additional skin hydration – or combine all three for flawless results.